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While her thoughts gave away her naive side, they also told the men
she was longing for their style of sexual attention. She would become
their submissive; body, mind and soul. Claudia was to be initiated into
their world of darkness and bloodsucking for eternity. Her reward
would be the sexual fulfillment she'd finally attain.
         The Stagers

Farrin is starting life over. Focusing on her career brings two
men into her daily routine.Working closely with both of them
develops relationships that will cross the three of them
beyond business and into a world of menage lust.

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Is Three A Crowd?

Finding the details of her accident will unlock
memories Maris suppressed. Getting her men
to agree to their previous three-way
relationship becomes her hardest job.
Point Of Contention

Kay relocated to take a job after seeing a
photo of the business owner. Her ultimate
goal is to experience these two amazing men
love her completely at the same time.

   Roller Coaster For Three

Can Winn live in one place with only one man to satisfy
her urges? Will Jack condone the occasional visit from
Noah to spice up their sex life?
Pyxis Island Triangle

There's no question that Lila is in
charge of her island, her business and
her men. None of them would have it
any other way.
One Queen With Two Kings

Can Thea share her husband with his best
She's In Charge

Alan's become enamored with Rae. Her
penchant for two men challenges his
preconceived notions, but when a woman is
in charge, the possibilities are endless.
       Bete Noire

Diana's confused by Dane and Sloan's story of
the mythical Minotaur, yet accepts they are
perfect for her. Can she satisfy them both on a
permanent basis?
The Devil's Three-Way  

Will Jack accept Rhia and Donovan's
invitation to join them in their three way?

The Hudson House Three

Alice knew Jeff and Mason were the best men to
satisfy her sexual needs. All she has to do is
convince them she is right.
Teaching Bettina

Stewart and Gaston's willingness to give Bettina
control over their sex lives occasionally is a trust
she never thought of and now can't live without.

Good Neighbors

Moving to a new home with good neighbors
can be an interesting new start.
Sharing Their Toys is now available.

When Daniel dies unexpectedly, three of his best friends are
thrown together as his heirs. Animosity rears from the start.
They agree his distribution of assets, with its specific terms,
will turn their lives upside down.
Twisted Love

Jules was introduced to Ethan and Logan years
earlier at different times.

Seeing them again made her wonder about the
poly lifestyle.

Releasing June 7, 2017,